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            How to properly operate the film blowing machine?

            發布日期:2021-12-08 作者: 點擊:

            Film blowing machine is to heat and melt the plastic particles and then blow them into film. There are many kinds of film blowing machines, including PE, POF, PVC and so on. Blown film machine with brand new particles blown out of the new material, the color is proportional, clean, the bag stretching good.

            Blown film machine installation attention matters

            Blown film machine installation should pay attention to adjust the extruder head centerline and traction roller center to maintain horizontal vertical, not deviated from the skew. When winding, please pay attention to the traction speed and winding speed due to the gradual increase of the outer diameter of the winding, please adjust it in time. After the main machine is opened, pay close attention to the operation of the main machine, timely adjustment, correction, electrical instrumentation, controller to ensure its normal operation. Host gear box, traction gear box should be frequently refueled, replace the gear oil, new machine please replace the new gear oil in about 10 days of use to ensure the normal operation of the rotating parts, pay attention to the refueling to prevent jamming and overheating damage, should also check the fastening of the connection parts to prevent the loosening of the bolt. The compressed air in the bubble tube should be kept in the right amount, because the traction process will bring out the compressed air leakage, please replenish it in time.

            How many people are usually used to operate the film blowing machine

            First of all, regardless of the amount of equipment, there must be more than 2 people on duty in each shift, which is a big matter related to production safety, do not be careless.

            For film blowing up to 1200mm, you can keep 2 people per shift for 3 machines or less (the principle is to have a good mixing machine, preferably with a good loading machine). If there are 6 machines, each shift can be configured 3-4 people, should be able to meet the needs, the specific look at their own schedule.

            1, the equipment is not heated, heating temperature and time less than the specified requirements, do not start the extruder and rotating die head, otherwise it will damage the equipment.

            2、Check whether there is wet material when the raw material is opened, wet material shall not be mixed, and must be dried by the drying room before use.

            3、Die head and die mouth cleaning can only use copper sheet to clean the die mouth, shall not use spatula, iron scraping die mouth, otherwise it will cause damage to the die mouth.

            4、Blown film machine guide rollers, including rubber rollers and winding rollers, shall not be cut with a blade, otherwise it will cause scratching of the guide rollers.

            5, the extruder's filter and corona treatment machine must be regularly replaced filter and cleaning, generally required within 24 hours to 48 hours must replace the filter and clean the corona treatment machine with alcohol silicone rubber rollers. The specifications of the filter: two 80 mesh, a 100 mesh three-layer filter.

            6, corona processing machine guide roller without film walking shall not open the corona processing machine, once the film is broken material or shutdown, should be an emergency to turn off the corona processing machine to avoid corona processing machine burned.

            7, there is no corona treatment or corona treatment does not reach more than 38 daine film shall not be put into the finished product, otherwise it will cause compound quality of major accidents.



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